Property Tax Rates

Residential 7.75 Mils
Commercial 10.75 Mils

Water & Sewer Tax Rates

Residential 425.00 per year
Commercial 425.00 per year plus 3.0 mils
Schools 7.00 mils
Public Building Flat Rate
Hospital/Care Facility Flat Rate
Wooddale 3.60 per 1,000 gallons

Business Tax

Group No.RateClassification
1 8.0 mils General Business
4.0 mils
15.0 mils
Bowling Alley
Physiotherapy/Massage Thereapy
3 22.0 mils Pharmacies
4 30.0 mils Oil Companies, Real Estate, Insurance, Broadcasting Stations, Professional Offices, Special Services, Special Institutional
5 54.0 mils Finance Companies
6 120.0 mils Banks
7 30.0 mils Dept. Stores/Grocery stores who have four or more of the following departments: Sporting Goods, Pharmacy, Dry Goods, Restaurant, Clothing, Electronics, Automotive, Hardware, Photo Development or freestanding building in excess of 30,000 square feet
8 12.0 Wholesale and Distribution Companies
9   Home Based Businesses
Class 1 $250.00 Basic
Class 2 $350.00 Insurance/Professional/Trades
Class 3 $500.00 Cleaning/Contractors Construction/Trucking
10 2.5% of Revenue Utilities and Television Providers


Other Fees


*Permit Fee Schedule
A seasonal permit will be defined as a period of four (4) months beginning from the date of the permit.
For vendors of Christmas Trees that are Newfoundland grown, a seasonal permit of $10.00 will apply. For vendors of Christmas Trees that are not Newfoundland grown, the rates for the vendor vehicle business will apply.


Compost Bins $22.55
Dog License $10.00 (spayed/neutered)
Dog License $30.00 (not spayed/not neutered)
Cat License $10.00 (spayed/neutered)
Cat License $20.00 (not spayed/not neutered)
Breeding License $50.00
Impounding Fee $50.00
Business Permit Application Fee $25


Discretionary Use/Variance  $150.00
 Occupancy Permit  $100.00

Paying Taxes Online

To pay your Town Taxes online go to the below link for which bank applies to you. When choosing your payee, type: Grand Falls Windsor Town Tax.

If you need further assistance please call (709) 489-0403.

To set up Pre-authorized payments please fill out Pre authorized form ** and either mail it or fax it to us (489-0465) with a copy of a void cheque. Once we receive it we will contact you with further details.

**This file is a fillable PDF form. Please download this file and open directly in Adobe Reader to fill it out. Once you click on this link, point your mouse toward the bottom of the page and click the save button. Open the form in the location you saved it to on your computer and fill out all required fields before clicking submit on the second page of the form.**