Grand Falls-Windsor is a unique, historically rich community located in the Central Region of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. The name "Grand Falls" was created by Lieutenant John Cartwright in 1768 when he ascended on the Exploits River. This beautiful town then became established in 1905 and, unlike most communities, came into existence overnight. The British Harmsworth family was forced out of fear during the war to come to Grand Falls in search of an alternate source of newsprint to maintain their publishing domain. While searching for the appropriate location for this operation, Harold Northcliffe and Mayson Beeton visited Grand Falls.

Harold and Mayson soon realized the potential for operation in Grand Falls with access to rich timber resources, potential hydro-electricity, and a deep-water port in the nearby community of Botwood. This potential led to the incorporation of the Anglo-Newfoundland Development Company on January 7, 1902 with work on the mill’s construction to commence quickly. Workers from all around the world, including other areas in Newfoundland, Britain, Canada and the United States came to help establish the new town. Many individuals living in Newfoundland moved hoping to receive employment with the mill. At that time, only those employed by the mill and business owners where permitted to reside in Grand Falls. The mill officially opened on October 9, 1909 and the towns of Grand Falls and what would become Windsor began to flourish. It was on January 1, 1991 when the towns of Grand Falls and Windsor amalgamated to become Grand Falls-Windsor (Town of Grand Falls-Windsor).