The Centennial Field Complex is generally open to the public and free of charge throughout the entire year.



The Grand Falls-Windsor Outdoor Basketball Pad features 2 regulation size asphalt basketball courts, complete with court lines, benches, and lighting for nighttime play. The Basketball Pad is enclosed with a 4ft. chain linked fence.

Outdoor Beach Volleyball Courts

The Outdoor Beach Volleyball Courts feature 2 regulation size sand volleyball courts. The court is lit for nighttime play.

Baseball Field

This Baseball Field is 300ft. (LF), 375ft. (CR) and 300 ft. (RF). It features lights for nighttime play and a clubhouse equipped with dressing rooms, meeting rooms, washrooms and a canteen. The bleachers can accommodate up to 200 spectators and the dugouts are covered. The outfield has an 8ft. chain link fence, and the baselines have a 4ft. chain linked fence. This field also features a 40ft. back stop.

Concert Stage

The Centennial Field Concert Stage is 40ft. x120ft. and is covered. It features an 800 amp electrical service. It is also the site of the Exploits Valley Salmon Festival Concert which has featured bands like, Tom Cochrane, Bryan Adams, Nelly Furtado, Great Big Sea, Bon Jovi, KISS and Aerosmith. The field has space to accommodate up to 30,000 spectators.

Outdoor Skating Rink

The Outdoor Skating Rink is a seasonal rink that is typically available from January to March (depending on weather). It is lit for nighttime use, and is available to the general public at no charge at all times.

Soccer Field

This is a regulation size Soccer Field that features a clubhouse complete with washrooms and a meeting room. The field has covered benches for the teams, and can accommodate up to 100 people in the stands.


The Tennis area features 6 regulation size asphalt tennis courts complete with a tennis clubhouse and practice area.